Sunday, January 06, 2008

L'inattendu - 19

It's Twelfth Night..and we've spent the day taking decorations down. We began our day drinking Champagne and eating bacon sandwiches for was to commemorate the end of the holidays...the kids go back to school tomorrow! Peace will reign once more and I'll be able to get some serious work in...I've not actually done any today, but the progress you see here was all done yesterday. ...the end is in sight...hopefully I'll finish this in the next few days!


Devil Mood said...

Kids over here have already gone to school and I feel the relief because my neighbours are quite noisy.

Ps said...

The picture is looking simply WOW..
My kids too went back to school today.(heaving a sigh of relief)

Julie Schuler said...

Bacon and champagne! Oh, I wish I'd been invited!

Think of all the magnificent work yet to be done in the new year!